Welcome to the Ladies Auxiliary

Greeting to all:

Veterans are our Stars, Forever Shining Brightly, is my theme this year. Iíve chosen this theme as a tribute to each service member as they have shown their courage, heroism, honor, and loyalty to our country in the highest esteem by giving of themselves in the defense to our freedoms. We, as Auxiliary members have the obligation to support our VFW members, their families and our communities with our efforts. We plan to do just that through our dedication and loyalty to our Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

Congratulations go out to the newly elected officers of the Florida Auxiliaries, Districts, and Department. We, as the leaders of our Auxiliary are asked to set an example to our members. One of the most important things we can do is show our gratitude with a Thank-you and a smile. All our members can do this, too. Letís make it an effort to thank those that have helped you or made you smile this year. It can be contagious. Iíll be the first. Thank-you for all you have done and continue to do you your veterans, families, friends, and all those whose lives you have touched or lives that have touched you.

Attention to our veterans and their families is expressed throughout our programs this year. Our National Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars has set the guidelines for this year and has coincidently shared my emphasis on what we should be doing as an Auxiliary to the VFW. We are in this together with our National Ladies Auxiliary and are ready to start the year throughout Florida with our members. Stand strong, stand tall, and stand proud for our organization, our sisterhood represents our appreciation of all who gave so much and continue to give.

Plans have been made to make this 2014-2015 year an exciting, and for all, a memorable and productive year for our members.

Looking forward to visiting your Districts, Veterans Administration Hospitals, and some auxiliaryís events.

From the Staff of the Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW, Department of Florida, to you: We are in this Together.

Louise Koser, President
LAVFW-Department of Florida
Department President